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Company Profile for Forged Products Inc.

Given our ability to make large forgings up to 55,000 pounds and unique ability to produce large back extrusions, we have been able to meet our customer needs in the oil patch, heat transfer, marine products, hydro-electric turbine and generators shaft industries, and expand into others as well.

Forged Products Inc. offers you a comprehensive spectrum of manufacturing services required to provide you a finished component or one ready for your proprietary finishing processes.

Our manufacturing services consist of: Customized open, semi-closed, or closed-die forging services; Complete heat treat services including anneal, normalize and temper, solution treatment, quench (polymer, oil and water) and temper and stress relieve; Testing and inspection services including, but not limited to, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, nondestructive ultrasonic testing (Level III), liquid penetrate and magnetic particle testing.

Our History

Forged Products Inc. (FPI) was founded in 1963 as a forging producer and supplier for the oil tool and industrial markets.

Forged Products Inc.
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